Things to Keep in Mind When Writing your Resume

Your resume (seldom called your CV) is your most essential tool when applying for a job. 

Please don’t start your job search without providing attention to your resume, as a great resume does wonder about your possibilities of getting it to the interview stage.

Exerting the time to work on your resume is essential, and the information we will share gives some tips and information on how to make your resume the most useful it can be.

Here’s how to make sure your resume stands out:

Keep it short and straightforward.
List your career history, educational institutions, and qualifications in reverse chronological order. Bonus if you can include a short note to explain any gaps.
Use bullet points for accomplishments and responsibilities.
Include your skills and any appropriate training.
Keep your interest and hobbies section brief.
References can be given on request (but you can include them to establish trust with your possible employer).
Double-check your resume before printing or sending it out. Check for possible typos, even if you think it is error-free. It’s worth requesting a buddy to read it through.

Remember, your resume can serve wonders for your job search in general. Make sure to pay attention to doing it perfectly.

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