For individuals who are currently settled into their roles, waiting for a new opportunity, or beginning their journey in the corporate world we advise them to always be evaluative of their employers and company environment. Research shows motivation, absenteeism, and willingness to be productive and do a job is highly dependent on the employee’s current situation in their company culture. Employees that mix well with their colleagues and their company values tend to be more motivated and satisfied with their jobs. Ask yourself the correct questions during your time with a particular organization. Are you satisfied with your surroundings? Are you being provided effective and positive feedback? If these questions are answered negatively it is likely you are not satisfied with your current situation and need solutions.

Evaluating your current employer can be quite vague and daunting, a lot of individuals don’t even know where to start. We have done the work for you, navigate your way through this simple list of questions and tips that will aid you in deciphering your current situation and what you can do to improve it. Find a career lifestyle that matches your preferences.

Physical and mental health

One of the basic necessities every employee needs is physical and mental well-being. There are different ways to decide if your organization is caring for its employee’s physical and mental health.

  • This includes:
    • Providing healthy snacks and drinks for employees to gain access to easily
    • Offering ample amounts of health, dental and vision insurance
    • Creating and managing a wellness program in which accountability and incentives are promoted
    • Offering paid leave especially for jobs that require extensive physically-demanding positions
    • Discounts on insurance premiums
    • Offering counseling and mental health management workshops

An organization needs to constantly amend and cater to a variety of different employees with different health issues. Individuals that require extra care should evaluate their employers accordingly.


A common issue individuals face is the feeling of belonging in a specific culture or organization. These insecurities can stem from personal feelings or lack of engagement and recognition being provided by specific managers and supervisors. Employees can feel demotivated if they are not commended for their work or feel like they cannot express themselves. This can often be a determining factor for employees to leave their current organizations.

Beliefs and principals

Individuals feel a conflict in their personalities and interests if their values and beliefs are misaligned to those of the organization they belong to. Companies that continue to indulge in nefarious activities can cause their employees stress. Employees must not have to ask themselves if what they are doing is ethical. By indulging in such activities companies can lose loyal and trustworthy employees or even breed unfair and disruptive employees. Individuals need to ask themselves if their beliefs and principals are of that great importance to them, if they are they should leave the organization that does not match their idealisms.


Employees can become extremely stressed and frustrated if their current work lifestyle takes up all of their free time. This kind of work habit can only lead to diseases and burnouts. Individuals require set hours in the day for them to unwind and indulge in their own hobbies and interests. Companies that don’t provide this leisure to their employees are not good for anyone. Having schedules and specific times for work help employees manage their mental health as well. Always work for a company that prefers to treat their employees equally without overburdening them all the time.

Career goals

Is this where you saw yourself five years ago? Is this where you see yourself five years from now? Employees should carefully evaluate their current position in their companies and decide on whether there is room for them to grow their expertise and receive promotions or not. Having career goals and an objective is always a benefit and good practice but if your organization does not allow you to grow its better you find one that will.

Individuals need to consider their lifestyle and workstyle conditions when evaluating their lives. If you are currently frustrated with your organization, try communicating with your employer about the issues you are facing, and maybe they will work with you to find a solution. We understand that individuals cannot always switch jobs and organizations because it doesn’t match their lifestyle but it is also important to preserve your current life.

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